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1.Documents quantum tab site

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=== Science: ===
essai txt   Vedic science and modern science, a vision of the unified field of consciousness and matter.  
science_et_conscience_txt_en  What does modern science say about consciousness?  
les postulats de la mecanique quantique txt   Popularized presentation of the core of quantum mechanics  
article_de_presentation_de_la_theorie_de_Nassim_Haramein_en The best point of view to look at the universe  
physique_nucleo_electronique_txt_en  A new and very old science to come  
entropie_en  Presentation of the fundamental concept of entropy or information  
developpement_en_couche_de_l_univers_en  Post-anthropic vision of the evolution of the universe  
=== News: ===
noel_txt_en  Story for the true nature of Santa Claus  
sf_uma1_en  A tantric science fiction short story  
noida_le_12_janvier_2008_txt_en  Short story of computer fiction  
sf_final_en  Finally, the end of the world - cosmology fiction  
=== Body exercises: ===
natation_en  Learn to swim in one hour  
=== Divers: ===
les_chakras_en  Phylogenetic development of the chakras  
la_boisson_comboucha_txt_en  How to make your own natural and healthy coca-cola  
=== Music : ===
musique_tab_txt_en  Playlist music top 64  
=== History ?: ===
merovee_txt_en  A hidden son of Judeo-Christian history  
=== Santé: ===
pollution_no2_txt_en  What is behind climate change and all the talk about CO2  
covid_19_fasta_txt_en  Analysis of the study by jean-claude perez cited by luc montagnier  
=== General: ===
trois_niveaux_txt_en  Three levels in the universe  
=== Policy ===
p5_version_0_txh_en  Network p5 : or how to avoid that the yellow vests get hurt  
=== Computer Science ===
entropie_et_informatique_en  Entropy being linked to information it intervenes in a natural way in computer science but this fact is not well known by computer scientists
mentor_services_produit_en  Computer project "mentor" ergonomic and technological breakthrough in ihm and information management  


This presentation page will evolve as the site becomes more complex which aims to present elements of knowledge in all areas.

Areas linked by the unity of knowledge expressed through the links hypertext between the different documents.

It is finally the unity of knowledge that this site wants to evoke, that is to say the knowledge of the unified field of all laws of nature.

May it inspire you. This is my intention.

# François Pincemin  f p i n c e m i n g m a i l co m

PS: during my studies of physics, quantum mechanics has particularly marked me.
I wanted to write a popularizing article without reducing the postulates of the quantum mechanics because I could not find anything satisfying in this domain, hence the name of this site. Quantum mechanics being for me the scientific advance the most advanced understanding of the nature of reality.

So I finally wrote this article here : les postulats de la mecanique quantique txt 


The ergonomic presentation of the site is very... spartiate ! This comes from the rudimentary aspect of the HTML page generator (web) used, which can be greatly improved.

The site is automatically updated from the source which is written in a langage_de_balisage_léger allowing the programmation_lettrée this thanks to the computer tools that I have developed and continue to develop : mentor_services_produit_en.

It is important to know that the intellect does not only function in the conscious part of the mind but also in its unconscious part.

For this reason, and because basic data are presented here, it is not necessary to to understand everything consciously, but it is important to let your conscience settle on what is presented even if it is not clearly understood.

To stop reading because you don't understand everything is a pity because you don't let to the unconscious the possibility of getting in touch with information that could be be very useful to him, which he will digest and from which he will then inspire you.
(But this does not prevent you from searching for an unknown term on google)

One can read any text as poetry... and there are images that can have a very strong impact.

The texts published on this site are an extraction of a personal hypertext.
Thus some links may not work because they point to a text not yet published.
I need to fix this bug so that I don't generate a link when it is not published... or not because in this case the information that there is a text to publish is no longer available to you.

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5.Upcoming documents quantum tab site

 Theory of Qi Gong